About Us

Our story begins back in 1985 when we started a not for profit organization called Ergon Inc. offering mental health and disability services to people in need. With more and more people in need of our services and not enough funding available we decided to start Ergon Thrift to allow people to donate to our cause, and for us to put every dollar back into offering better services for mental health and disability. Now located on the corner of Trites Road and Traynor Street in Riverview New Brunswick, Ergon Thrift is a successful business that depends on the generosity of the community from donations as well as from purchases of our beautiful Ergon Thrift inventory at our store location.

Every dollar you spend at Ergon Thrift goes to helping those who struggle with mental illness. Our brand encompasses both the Thrift store and a mental health rehabilitation center. Our goal is to help those effected by mental illness to get back out in the workplace. We do this by counselling sessions and getting them to work in the store, giving them the tools to be effective members of the workforce and excel in life.

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What We Sell

We offer premium quality, gently used and unused clothing as well as household items. Every item is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and steamed to ensure the quality of what we are providing to the community. We offer heavily discounted prices and a fantastic selection of unique items.

We believe in giving back to the community that helped us grow. We provide a 15% discount for seniors and students to help them mind their pocketbooks.



We welcome your donation of clothing and accessories, understanding they are a vital part of what we do and our success would not exist without your generosity.

You can donate at any time by depositing your used adult clothing in our bins conveniently located on site at 145 Traynor St at the corner of Trites Rd in Riverview.


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 4:45pm
Temporarily Closed
Sun: Closed


Contact Us

145 Traynor Street E1B 3B1, Riverview NB



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